Brian Christopher Chappell

August 25, 1975 - September 12, 2021

Brian Christopher Chappell, age 46, of Martinsville, Virginia, passed away Sunday, September 12, 2021. He was born August 25, 1975 to Donald Ray Chappell, Sr. and Sandra Belcher Chappell.
Brian is survived by his parents, his son Christopher Dylan Chappell, daughter Madelynn Michelle Chappell, nephew Johnathan Chappell, and niece Danielle Chappell. Connie Curry, his long-time partner, was loyal through thick and thin. He left behind other extended family who will miss him sorely.

He was preceded in death by his grandparents, James Paul (J.P.) and Lillian Reynolds Chappell, and Russell and Goldie Pendleton Belcher, as well as his beloved brother Donald Chappell II, who also passed at age 46.

He had many lifelong friends whom he held very dear: Bob and Jan; David and Dawn; B.J.; David M.; Eric; Granny Loretta and William; Jaime; Jeb, Jerry, John, Johnnie, Richard, Roger, Scotty, Steve, and Travis. Tamie, Mindy, Diane, and April always meant the world to him. Mandy Bennett is a wonderful mother to his children.

Brian was a handful from the very start. He didn’t usually care for school; he would say it just wasn’t his “thing”. However, he had several teachers who went out of their way to make a connection with him – a gift he always treasured. Mrs. Barbara Davis (whom he lovingly called “Miss Pickuuup”), Mrs. Marilyn Emler LaPrade, Mrs. Rebecca Woody Camden, Mrs. Nancy Bowen, and Mrs. Charlotte Jones are just a few of the excellent educators who gave of themselves to a kid who felt like a fish out of water. Brian attended Hargrave Military Academy from between 7th and 8th grades (where he did make honor roll!), but he was always more interested in girls and athletics where he could excel, especially baseball. However, he later received his high school diploma from a Christian School in Georgia and was very proud of his accomplishment.

Growing up, he had no fear. He was constantly jumping off of something, showing off some trick, and making sure you saw it. He grew up fishing with his dad, and still loved to fish and crab at the beach. He loved to explore in the woods and play in creeks, searching for crawdads and treasures. He enjoyed drawing. He had a deep love for animals and couldn’t stand to see any in need, which lead to the Chappell home having lots of rescue pets over the years. He had a very generous and kind heart. He loved to play and joke, and the absence of his laugh leaves us aching.

He was baptized along with his brother at Chatham Heights Baptist Church as a young man. Brian had his demons, just as we all do, but he was getting counseling and was working on bettering himself. He +had an active prayer life, and lifted up his friends and family often.

A memorial service will be held at McKee-Stone Funeral Home on Saturday, September 18, at 2:00 PM with Pastor Payton E. Gilbert officiating. There will be no visitation as the family is asking for privacy at this very difficult time, but they feel your love and covet your prayers. Romans 8:25 and 26 tell us that the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness, and prays on our behalf when we don’t know what to pray for. His family clings to that hope during these sorrowful times.

Brian will forever be in our hearts and minds; always loved and always cherished.