Lassie Princess

Remembering this little (ok, not that little–she was at least 50lbs) fur baby on her birthday. Crazy to think she’d be 19 if she were still here. She didn’t like people bothering her when she was napping (seen here), was almost always the instigator of dog-shenanigans, and taught our golden retriever how to actually retrieve. She loved running and sticking her lil pencil nose in people’s hair. She was terrified of water but I eventually got her drinking from a bowl. Hula hoops mysteriously struck fear into her doggie heart throughout her life. What a goofball.

When we went to choose our puppies, I was so worried that I would pick the “wrong” one. I asked for divine signs but didn’t get much assistance there. I was so scared that my dog would hate me or that we wouldn’t click. But we did. I picked a good one–or did she pick me? Lassie girl, you set the bar high. So glad that you shed your fur all over me for almost 14 years. ❤️?